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How to use Biogel Eclipse

Watch these helpful videos on the correct techniques for donning double-gloves. You can see the different donning methods for using open donning, or closed donning – either with cuffs extended over hands, or cuffs in the hands. You can also learn how to change a contaminated glove while scrubbed.

Assisted technique and how to change a contaminated glove

See detailed instructions for how to perform assisted donning with double-gloves, using the simple plunge method. This video also shows how to change a contaminated glove while you’re still scrubbed.




Product details

75155 Biogel Eclipse 5.5 x50 EUR
75160 Biogel Eclipse 6.0 x50 EUR
75165 Biogel Eclipse 6.5 x50 EUR
75170 Biogel Eclipse 7.0 x50 EUR
75175 Biogel Eclipse 7.5 x50 EUR
75180 Biogel Eclipse 8.0 x50 EUR
75185 Biogel Eclipse 8.5 x50 EUR
75065 Biogel Eclipse 6.5 x50 UK
75070 Biogel Eclipse 7.0 x50 UK
75075 Biogel Eclipse 7.5 x50 UK
75080 Biogel Eclipse 8.0 x50 UK
75085 Biogel Eclipse 8.5 x50 UK
75090 Biogel Eclipse 9.0 x40 UK


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