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Wound care swabs


Sodium chloride dressing to stimulate the cleansing of discharging wounds 

Mesalt® stimulates the debridement of heavily discharging wounds in the inflammatory phase by absorbing exudate, bacteria and necrotic material. This effectively facilitates the wound healing process.

  • For wounds with medium to high levels of exudate
  • Stimulates wound cleansing
  • Reduces the bacterial burden on the wound to manage infection
  • Easy to use

When to use Mesalt

Mesalt® helps manage heavily discharging and discharging infected wounds in the inflammatory phase. You can also use it for deep cavity wounds such as pressure sores.

How to use Mesalt

Product details

Ref. No Description RET (Pcs) TRP (Pcs)
285280 Mesalt 2x100 cm 10 80
285580 Mesalt 5x5 cm 30 240
285780 Mesalt 7,5x7,5 cm 30 240
286080 Mesalt 10x10 cm 30 180

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