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When to use Mepilex

Mepilex is designed for a wide range of low- to medium-exuding wounds.  You can customise Mepilex by cutting it to fit an individual wound or body location. This makes it ideal for difficult-to-dress areas. You can use Mepilex together with our Tubifast fixation.

How to use Mepilex

Always clean the wound prior to applying a dressing. The dressing should overlap the wound bed by at least 2 cm onto the surrounding skin. Use Tubifast when fixation is necessary.



Product details

Ref. No Description RET (Pcs) TRP (Pcs)
294100  Mepilex 10x10 cm 5 70
294200  Mepilex 10x20 cm 45 
294300  Mepilex 15x15 cm 25 
294400  Mepilex 20x20 cm 5 20
294500  Mepilex 20x50 cm 2 12


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