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BARRIER surgical headwear Glenn

BARRIER Headwear – Assortment Special

Headwear with a range of special features and designs, such as integrated sweatbands for additional comfort. Made of a soft and breathable material. One size fits all.

BARRIER surgical headwear extra comfort

BARRIER Headwear – Assortment Extra Comfort

Headwear made of a soft, absorbent and breathable material. Available in a wide range of colours and designs, including our special design for care of children. One size fits all.

BARRIER surgical headwear Kosac

BARRIER Headwear – Assortment Standard

Headwear suitable for most interventions and situations. Made of a soft and breathable material. Available in a wide range of colours and designs. One size fits all.

BARRIER surgical headwear cap Annie

BARRIER Headwear – Assortment Basic

An economical range of headwear covering all basic needs. Available in a wide range of colours and sizes.


Further product information

When to use BARRIER Headwear

BARRIER Headwear can be used in a wide range of situations, depending on the product. Most of our solutions are designed to help prevent foreign particles such as hair or skin scales falling from medical personnel into the wound during surgical interventions. Patients and visitors may also wear our headwear for everyday use to help prevent the transfer of foreign particles in other environments.

Product details

42007 Micki, Surgeons hood WITH EARS, GREEN
42022 Miss, Nurses cap, BLUE
42024 Miss, Nurses cap, PINK
42025 Miss, Nurses cap; YELLOW
42033 Chic, Operating cap tie back,GREEN
42034 Chic, Operating cap tie back,BLUE
42042 THEATRE CAP, blue
42062 ELAST, THEATRE CAP, blue
42072 Surgeons hood, ALL BLUE
42073 Surgeons hood, ALL GREEN
42074 Surgeons hood ALL PRO, WITH SWEATBAND, G
42076 Surgeons hood ALL PRO XL WITH COLLAR
42610 Bouffant cap, white
42620 Bouffant cap, blue
620100 Standard Cap, Tuck, green
620105 Standard Cap, Tuck, Blue
620200 Special Cap, Glenn, Green
620250 Special Cap, Albin, green
620300 Standard Cap, Jack, Green
620500 Standard Cap, Flory, Green/White
620900 Basic Cap, Charlotte, White, Medium
620910 Basic Cap, Charlotte, Blue, Medium
620920 Basic Cap, Charlotte, Green, Medium
621000 Standard Cap, Kosack, Green
621001 Standard Cap, Kosack, Violet
621020 Stanadard Cap, Kosack, aerated material,
621301 Standard Cap, Philip, Green/White
621500 Basic Cap, Annie, Mixed Colours, L (55cm
621600 Standard Cap, Peggy, Blue
621700 Standard Cap, Peggy, Green
621815 Basic Cap, Annie, Blue, L (55cm)
621825 Basic Cap, Annie, Green, L (55cm)
621835 Basic Cap, White, L (55cm)
622010 Special Cap, Commodus, Blue/Green/White
622030 Special Cap, Parvus, Blue/Green


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