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Why use BARRIER® Scrub Suits

Unisoft® - a unique breathable nonwoven material



Product details

836109 Scrub suit, S
836209 Scrub suit, M
836309 Scrub suit, L
836409 Scrub suit, XL
18610 Scrub-shirt, Small, Green.
18620 Scrub-shirt, Medium, Green.
18630 Scrub-shirt, Large, Green.
18640 Scrub-shirt, X-Large, Green.
18650 Scrub-shirt, XX-Large, Green.
18710 Drawstring pants, Small, Green.
18720 Drawstring pants, Medium, Green.
18730 Drawstring pants, Large, Green.
18740 Drawstring pants, X-Large, Green.
18750 Drawstring pants, XX-Large, Green.
18760 Drawstring pants, XXX-Large, Green.
21610 Scrub-shirt, Small, Blue
21620 Scrub-shirt, Medium, Blue
21630 Scrub-shirt, Large, Blue
21640 Scrub-shirt, X-Large, Blue
21650 Scrub-shirt, XX-Large, Blue
21660 Scrub-shirt, XXX-Large, Blue
21710 Drawstring pants, Small, Blue
21720 Drawstring pants, Medium, Blue
21730 Drawstring pants, Large, Blue
21740 Drawstring pants, X-Large, Blue
21750 Drawstring pants, XX-Large, Blue
21760 Drawstring pants, XXX-Large, Blue


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