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Dedicated to improving lives of the EB community

At Mölnlycke®, we are committed to improving the experience for all those living with or alongside EB. That’s why we created Safetac®, the original soft silicone adhesion designed with one key reason, to minimise pain and suffering during dressing changes                  .


Skin friendly solutions with Safetac

Our dressings with Safetac® hug the wound without sticking to it, protecting the skin around it  . They conform softly, minimising damage to the skin at dressing removal and promoting faster healing  -     .

So much more than a technology, Safetac is a feeling. It sets a new standard for what life could look like for the EB community.

Mölnlycke® first invented Safetac over 30 years ago and we continue to develop skin friendly solutions, committed into the future to reducing pain and suffering   -     .


Education and clinical resources

Although we cannot cure EB, we are here to support. Visit our Mölnlycke Advantage hub to advance your knowledge on EB with clinical resources and flexible, on-demand training including:

  • Educational webinars
  • Additional information and educational resources


Visit Mölnlycke Advantage

Download the clinical resources

Download the Mepilex cutting guide

See how to cut and apply Mepilex


Setting better standards of care, now and into the future

Our commitment to EB doesn’t stop here. Mölnlycke are a proud sponsor of patient associations and EB communities across the world. We have invested in research and development and will continue to challenge ourselves into the future. We are dedicated to keep setting the standard of care and making dressing less distressing for all those living with or alongside EB.


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