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When to use Tubinette

Tubinette is intended for when dressings have to be changed frequently, and is available in a range of sizes for use on fingers, toes and limbs. 

Simple finger application

Finger-stall application

Hand application

Arm application


Leg application

Head application

Product details

Ref. No Description RET(Pcs) TRP(Pcs)
 2416  Tubinette 01 x 20m  1  40
 2417  Tubinette 12 x 20m  1  40
 2419  Tubinette 56 x 20m  1  26
 2420 Tubinette 78 x 20m  1 30
 2421 Tubinette T1 x 20m  1 30
 2422 Tubinette T2 x 20m  1 12

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