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When to use BARRIER aperture drape

You can use aperture drapes for a variety of procedures such as ophthalmic surgery and minor surgical interventions.

How to use BARRIER aperture drape

Draping instruction for BARRIER variable adhesive drapes, sterile 706620 and 706630, Mölnlycke Procedure Tray component 970662 and 970663.

Product details

706610 Adhesive aperture drape 100x125 cm, 11 c
706620 Adhesive variable aperture drape 50x75 c
706630 Adhesive variable aperture drape 75x100
708840 Adhesive aperture drape 120X150 cm, ap
708850 Adhesive aperture drape 150X180 cm, ap
708860 Adhesive aperture drape 200x240 cm, ap 1
708870 Adhesive aperture drape 200x280 cm, 15 c
904622 Adhesive aperture drape 45x75cm
906540 Adhesive epidural drape 60x75 cm, 6x9,5
906542 Adhesive aperture drape 75x90cm
906544 Aperture drape 50x60cm
906693 Adhesive aperture drape 50x60cm
935569 Adhesive aperture drape 120x150 cm, 5x7


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